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This website supports our work as a self-governed community. Access to these pages is reserved for our members. For interested non-members, we have a different informational website. Please visit to learn about us and, if you’d like, to get your name on our Reservation List. 

You have all heard about REAC inspections and have received the detailed checklist and some “hot button” issues via email on April 5. 

We must pre-inspect all our units and common spaces to prepare for the official inspection adequately. Shortly after our inspections, we will provide you with a list of items that we think need to be corrected before the real REAC inspection occurs. You will be able to correct some of the deficiencies we find, but it’s critically important that we find problems that require a vendor or our next Maintenance Tech to fix. 


We—a group of neighbor volunteers—are beginning the inspections the week of June 5.   


Please let us know as soon as possible about your availability: your best days in the next two to three weeks of June and whether mornings or afternoons are better for you.


Please send your availability to Jay Phinney as soon as possible.


Thank you.