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Welcome to Zvago SAP's members-only website

This website supports our work as a self-
governed community. It is reserved for our members. For interested non-members, we have a different informational website. Please visit to learn about us and, if you'd like, to get your name on our Reservation List.

                                  Our May Board meeting

Here are the key documents and a video of the May Board meeting. For members only, this site posts an archive of Board minutes, agendas, and (most) videos back to 2020. Simply go to the Board of Directors folder to your right. 

                                 Our 5th-anniversary slideshow

If you missed the 5th-anniversary party or want to relive it, here's the five-year celebration photo slideshow that was previously displayed in the Exchange.


Here is the video of the Finance Committee's April 10 presentation about our 2024-2025 budget and a review of the committee's supporting documents.