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This website supports our work as a self-
governed community. It is reserved for our members. For interested non-members, we have a different informational website. Please visit to learn about us and, if you'd like, to get your name on our Reservation List.

The next Board meeting is Wednesday, February 28, at 1 p.m. To see all the matters—and key documents—before the Board at its next monthly meeting, go here.To read the community's complete conversation and input on the best way to replace resigning Board members on an interim basis, go here.

January 31 Board meeting
The agenda, documents, and video of our January 31 Board meeting are here


Board priorities for 2024

1. Hiring a Property Manager
2. Obtaining HUD approval for use of the Replacement Reserve for appliance replacement (submitting HUD Form 2950)
3. Resolving outstanding building warranty items with Frana and Andersen Windows
4. Minimizing the increase in property insurance 
5. Selecting contractors through competitive bidding for HVAC, fireplace maintenance, window washing, carpet cleaning, etc.